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Doodle-baby's Bambi

(expected litter early Autumn 2023).

Our Senorita Doodle-baby's Bambi is from Doodlebabys in Spain and we are eternally grateful to Frank and Jolie in entrusting us with her to start our own ALD breeding programme here in South Wales, UK.


Bambi’s parents are Mr Butterscotch x Millie, both Bambi's mom and dad have been extensively health tested in accordance with ALAEU; Australian Labradoodle association Europe and WALA; Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association guidelines and  declared genetically free from: PRAPRCD, Van Willebrand Disease, EIC, Degenerative Myelopathy and Improper Coat. 
When Bambi becomes of age she will be extensively health checked too, so you can be assured you are getting a Lexacious dog that is 100% authentic, healthy, and well raised in a nurturing puppy culture environment . 

Bambi always has a smile on her face. She is a sweet natured, clever girl and is happy playing with our senior dog and cats. Always wanting cwtchs, Bambi adores all those she meets and is super gentle around our autistic son and foster children. Bambi is very goofy and loves to get in the van and go on adventures. Her favourite Hobbies are chasing squirrel's, her squeaky balls, watching TV, & she will sometimes join in singing if she hears opera music on the radio/TV!

Name: Doodlebaby's Bambi

Registration: WALA00071146

Coat:  Red abstract, wavy fleece

Size: Medium 18"/ 14.3kg


Hips/Elbows: OFA fair & Clear






DNA Profiled completed

Here at Lexacious we extensively carry out strict health screening before we carry out any breeding. This is to ensure that we only breed the healthiest of doodles that do not pass on any genetic conditions. Please check our Doodle Care page for further information on Health Tests we carry out. All health certificates are available to view.



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