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Doodle Care


Health Guarantee


Here are Lexacious Australian Labradoodles we provide a 2 year health guarantee for our puppy families. Our Doodles have come from health tested parents and we also carry out extensive health screening prior to breeding our doodles to ensure that no puppy will be genetically affected from breed specific diseases.

We use Paw Print Genetics to test for the following DNA:

We also make sure that any future breeding parents undergo

HIP & ELBOW Scoring 

When you research for a reputable breeder it is very important that they health test their dogs and that all heath test certificates are available to view upon request.

We also DNA Profile all our breeding stock prior to registering a litter. 


Puppy Love

Here at Lexacious our puppies will be raised in our home with Love. We will follow a puppy culture programme. Thereafter the first 8 weeks using the puppy culture method it is then up to you to continue what we have started; to love and care for you're doodle. 

The average life expectancy of a doodle is approx 13-15 years. During that time you will need to consider costs such as vet bills, dog insurance, feeding, and grooming expenses. Not to mention the endless toys, and other basics like bedding and puppy/socialisation classes.


Puppy/obedience classes is a must for any dog, especially for this breed. If you want a confident, socialized, obedient dog then you need to invest in puppy/socialization classes. This is necessary for both you and the dog; no matter how many dogs you've had before. I will provide a lifelong commitment of support and advice but puppy, socialization and obedience training is your responsibility and an essential part of owning a dog.


Doodles require daily age appropriate exercise and mental stimulation. Their love for water means they seek out water and get wet a lot!

UK Law you will need; ID tag, this must include the Dogs name, postcode, house/flat number, tel number, this must be attached to a collar /harness, lead (NOT retractable), a dog bed/crate. 

Before our puppies leave for their furever home, they are microchipped. UK law requires that they are firstly registered to us at Leaxacious Australian Labradoodles and thereafter once your doodle is at home with you their details will legally need to be updated.

WALA has further information of caring for your puppy. 

Further information will be provided in the puppy pack



It is advisable you feed your dog a good nutritious quality hypoallergenic dog food whether that be  BARF/raw, kibble or wet food. Food is a personal choice, but I strongly advise you look at and make an informed decision based on your family's lifestyle / budget. 



In your puppy pack you will have further guidance on feeding and a list of foods/plants that are poisonous /harmful for your dog.

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